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Ideal Roofing Company LLC

Our roofing expert has been taking care of Flagstaff and surrounding areas roofing needs with over 20 years of experience. Call today for a FREE estimate at 928-522-0916.

Testimonials & Reviews

"Chris and his crew did a complete tear down of our roof and replaced it with a metal roof. The roof has a very steep pitch, and is out in a rural location that lacked supplies, stores for his crew. They did a fantastic job and installed 4" of extra installation. Two years later, the roof had took on some storm damage from a sheared vent. Chris took our call and came out personally, just him, to fix the problem. 2 years later! Chris is very professional and fully committed to, and passionate about his work. Was a great experience working with him. Highly recommend." - Yelp Reviews

"They replaced my old bitumen roof with metal and did a great job. House is in a rural area, two story roof with a really steep pitch and abnormal dormers. Chris and his crew did a bang up job that’s holding up strong. A vent pipe cracked from snow damage, not their fault. They came out and replaced it free of charge 2 years after they completed the job. Highly recommend." - Google Reviews

"Ideal roofing is the only choice for any and all roofing needs! Chris Short and his team are world class, prices are more than fair and their work is excellent!!! Ideal roofing for all your roofing needs!" - Facebook Reviews

"A man of faith, good crew, and work done with pride and quality." - Facebook Reviews

"Great team and company. Hardworking, honest, and reliable. Thank you!" - Google Reviews

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